From Succession to Succes.

Succession within an organisation’s Board and/or C-level Team is now one of the chief factors in its success. Or lack of it, if not planned and managed. Which is why identifying and promoting the key talents that will mould the organisation of the future has become one of a Board’s prime responsibilities.

“From Succession to Success” supports the Board in achieving this medium-to-long term goal, which the pressure of present responsibilities often risks relegating to the background. The aim is to sow the seeds of the future today with a programme of interventions that have the power to involve, motivate and train the key talents of strategic importance to the organisation.

The interventions provided include potential analysis, resource mapping, diagnosis of the state of the art, the planning of personal and collective empowerment programmes, leadership consolidation, job description refocussing, and succession timing. All following a methodology that has been shared and agreed with the Boards of leading international organisations, and which has proven to be a significant factor in their success.

Board Dynamics Acceleration
A programme to develop long-term vision while simultaneously focusing on the Board’s decision-making speed: “The Board Acceleration Path”
Board Successful Succession
A programme that supports the Board in identifying, involving, motivating and training its strategic talent for the organisation of the future: “From Succession to Success”
CEO and C-Level Leadership
A programme for transitioning the leadership to a new horizon that requires more prospective vision and more rigorous engagement: “The Leader’s ship”


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