Rosa Luxemburg


Since my youth, I have come to learn the power of silence and of words, living in seven different countries and exploring their languages and cultures.

Having graduated in Economics and Industrial Organization in Switzerland, I specialised in Systemic Psychology with Paul Watzlawick and John Weakland at the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute, and at Stanford University, going on to gain a Ph.D. in Expressive and Art Therapies at the University of Ljubljana.

I remained in the United States for several years. First at Palo Alto, working in Paul Watzlawick, John Weakland and Richard Fish’s team at the Mental Research Institute. Then in San Francisco, where I furthered my studies in Ericksonian hypnosis, systemic therapy and family therapy. There, I also developed an interest in Dr Kubler Ross’s research on death and terminal illness, which led me to study and work with her in Virginia.

Returning to Europe I gained a doctorate in Psychology at Ljubljana and subsequently specialised in psychosomatic medicine and family constellations, translating a number of works by Bert Hellinger and other German authors into Italian.

Today I combine my work as a psychologist, psychotherapist, advisor and consultant for large organisations with teaching, writing and the study of theology and Eastern philosophy. I am a Board Member of various listed companies and charities.

I am conscious that my life’s last breath underlies me, and strive to reach it without ever losing the self-respect that’s essential for one not to lose the respect of others.

Registered office: LORAM sa – Vicolo Viganale 2 – 6818 Melano, Switzerland
Headquarter: Ziegelhüttenstrasse 20 – 8853 Lachen, Switzerland,

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