I am aware that the last breath of life will be essential, and I strive to get there without ever losing the respect for myself, which is essential not to lose the respect of others.


I’ve known the power of silence and words since I was a child, having lived in seven different countries and immersed myself in as many languages and cultures as possible.

After graduating in Economics and Industrial Sciences in Switzerland, I specialised in Systemic Psychology in Palo Alto, at the Mental Research Institute with Paul Watzlawick and John Weakland, and at Stanford University. I obtained a Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Ljubljana.

I stayed in the United States for a few years. First in Palo Alto, working at the Mental Research Institute in the team of Paul Watzlawick, John Weakland and Richard Fish. Then in San Francisco, where I studied Ericksonian hypnosis, systemic therapy and family therapy, and took an interest in the research on death and terminal illnesses of Dr Kubler Ross, with whom I studied and collaborated in Virginia.

Back in Europe, in Ljubljana, I obtained a doctorate in Psychology, specialising in psychosomatics and family constellations, translating from German into Italian some works by Bert Hellinger and other German-speaking authors.

In recent years I have deepened my studies in theology and Eastern philosophies. I have a doctorate in Hinduist studies and in Indovedic sciences and philosophy. A master’s degree in Theology from the Faculty of Theology of Lugano, a master in Islamic Theology at Middlesex University in London and a master in Buddhist studies at the Than Hsiang Centre in Malaysia.

I am convinced that spirituality (wrongly confused with religious belief) will be the key that will guide us in the new world that is being born.

I am bilingual in Italian and German and I also speak and write in English, French, Spanish and Russian, while Arabic and ancient languages are useful for the study of different traditions.


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