Margareth Tatcher


I am a Board Advisor and Change Consultant for CEOs and C-Level Teams, Executives and Boards of Directors. I support the senior management of companies – including 18 ranked in the Forbes top 500 – non-profits and government bodies, accompanying them through the change management, development and decision-making process optimisation programmes required during periods of deep transformation.

I work in German and Italian – I’m bilingual – English French and Spanish. I have a good working knowledge of Russian and Arabic. Confidentiality demands that I do not divulge the names of my clients or their brands for references. I partner with international professionals offering multidisciplinary skills to conceive and implement interventions tailored to the changes being rolled out, and extend them across the full breadth of the entire organisation.

These programmes initially see me working alongside the decision-maker – CEO, Chairman, Company Owner or Executive – in one-to-one meetings, with the aim of translating character, experience and personal vision into a corporate culture and strategic organisational plan.
I then continue to work alongside the decision-maker to strengthen their leadership talents and abilities, while simultaneously developing and coordinating plans to support the development of their teams. The objective throughout is to ensure their operating frameworks and emerging values are effective.

My approach involves three lines of intervention, which I formulate together with the decision-maker after each diagnostic stage, and which can be interlinked in a medium-term programme.

Board Dynamics Acceleration
A programme to develop long-term vision while simultaneously focusing on the Board’s decision-making speed: “The Board Acceleration Path”
Board Successful Succession
A programme that supports the Board in identifying, involving, motivating and training its strategic talent for the organisation of the future: “From Succession to Success”
CEO and C-Level Leadership
A programme for transitioning the leadership to a new horizon that requires more prospective vision and more rigorous engagement: “The Leader’s ship”

Registered office: LORAM sa – Vicolo Viganale 2 – 6818 Melano, Switzerland
Headquarter: Ziegelhüttenstrasse 20 – 8853 Lachen, Switzerland,

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