Margareth Tatcher



I am an International Board Advisor and Change Consultant for CEOs and C-Level Teams, Executives and Boards of Directors of listed and private companies in the field of governance and executive coach for chairpersons, directors, managing directors and executive committees, in paths of change, development and optimization of decision-making processes, necessary in times of strong transformation.

I have been a freelance consultant since 1989, with an initial specialization in adult education and systemic coaching, before becoming a Senior Advisor (since 2000) and finally a more elaborate form of consultancy as a Board Advisor. I have advised over 100 CEOs in different countries around the world, including the teams of 18 companies in the “Fortune 500 Global”.

For reasons of confidentiality, I do not disclose the names of my clients, nor do I quote brands for references.

I work with international professionals with multi-disciplinary skills to design and manage actions that address current changes and apply them to the wider organisation.

I myself sit on a number of boards of directors of both listed companies and charities.

The process involves initial coaching of the decision-maker – CEO, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Executive – in individual sessions, with the aim of translating personality, experience and personal vision into corporate culture and a strategic organisational plan. In the subsequent phases, while keeping the decision-maker’s support active in order to enhance their talents and leadership skills, I develop and coordinate team support and evolution plans with the aim of making emerging operational and value structures effective.

My approach involves three lines of action, which I define together with the decision-maker after an initial assessment phase and which may be intertwined in a medium-term process.

Board Dynamics Acceleration
A programme to develop long-term vision while simultaneously focusing on the Board’s decision-making speed: “The Board Acceleration Path”
Board Successful Succession
A programme that supports the Board in identifying, involving, motivating and training its strategic talent for the organisation of the future: “From Succession to Success”
CEO and C-Level Leadership
A programme for transitioning the leadership to a new horizon that requires more prospective vision and more rigorous engagement: “The Leader’s ship”

Professional Membership and qualifications

  • Member of the Italian Journalists’ Register (s.1997)

  • Member of the CTU-Ordinary Court of Milan (s.1988)

  • Member of the Italian Register of Psychologists (s.1992)

  • Member of the Slovenian Register of Psychologists (s.2005)

  • Member of the Italian Register of Counselors, Counselor Trainer , F.A.I.P. (s.2007)

  • Regionally recognized Professional Psychologist in Ticino Canton, Switzerland (s.2011)

  • DM-FSM Mediator, Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations (s.2012)

  • Member of FSP, Federation of Swiss Psychologists, Bern, Switzerland (s.2010)

  • Member of the Psychologists Association of Ticino Canton, Switzerland (s.2010)

  • Member of EAP, the European Association of Psychotherapy, Vienna, Austria (s.2006)

  • Member of A.E.D.I.S Association Européenne des Docteurs et Ingénieurs Specialistes (s.1993)

  • Member of the Scientific Academic Council of the European Professional Register of Psychotherapists, Université Européenne Jean Monnet A.I.s.b.l. (s.1995)

  • Registered Assessor at Assessment and Development Consultant LTD, Godaling, Salwer, UK (s.1988)

  • Certified Management and Organization Consultant at A.P.C.O. – Associazione Nazionale Professionale di Consulenti di Organizzazione Aziendale.

  • Member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institute (s.1996)

  • Certified at ECP - The European Certificate of Psychotherapy (2011)

  • Certified at WCP - World Council for Psychotherapy, Vienna (2013)

  • Certified at PFF –Train the Trainers Program at Associazione Italiana Formatori, AIF, Milan (1983- 1984)

  • Psychodrama Therapy Certification, Psychodrama Studio, Dott. Boria, Milan (1986-1987)

  • Certified Hogan Assessor (2015)

  • Certification in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement (CT®) Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC), USA (2017)

  • Certified Bcc–Board Coach, Center for Credentialing & Education, USA (2017)

  • Wellness and Well-Being certification, the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) (2017)

  • Certificate of Membership, United States of Ombudsman Association (USOA)

  • Certified DCM model and Conflict Dynamic Profile. CDP Diagnostic Tools (2019)

  • Certificate of Completion. Meditation Instructor Training (2019)

  • EMP – Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (2019)

  • RAW – The Resilience@Work (RAW) assessment (2019)

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Inventory (2020)

  • CDA – Core Drivers Assessment Certification (2021)

  • IASE - International Association for Sustainable Economy (2021)


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