The Leader’s Ship

Complex markets in a constant state of flux demand leadership that can guide to new horizons. Through a more prospective and flexible vision combined with a more rigorous and exacting engagement with objectives, organisation and stakeholders.

“The Leader’s Ship” is a programme that supports the decision-maker – CEO, Chairman, Business Owner or Executive – to meet this new challenge. Following a rapid initial assessment of their strong points and areas for improvement, both personal and with respect to their organisational context, we build an empowerment programme of one-to-one sessions and field supervision. Structured sessions encountering experiences and achievements in totally different areas from the operating context punctuate the programme to support whole-person development.

The areas of intervention include aligning values, conviction and behaviours, moulding personal leadership style, focussing on sustainable change, formulating a set of empowerment goals, and systematic feedback management.

Board Dynamics Acceleration
A programme to develop long-term vision while simultaneously focusing on the Board’s decision-making speed: “The Board Acceleration Path”
Board Successful Succession
A programme that supports the Board in identifying, involving, motivating and training its strategic talent for the organisation of the future: “From Succession to Success”
CEO and C-Level Leadership
A programme for transitioning the leadership to a new horizon that requires more prospective vision and more rigorous engagement: “The Leader’s ship”


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