Writing is a special moment for me. It’s when I get to harvest the fruit of my work and plan new areas for research. I write for newspapers and periodicals in Italy and worldwide. And I have published over 20 works, translated into a variety of languages.

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Daniel Pennac

La dimension psychologique de la maladie

Anna Zanardi_Milano_Tecniche Nuove 2001_176 pages_euro 14.90

Il linguaggio degli organi.

Our society classifies illness as an unexpected annoyance, an intrusion into our well-ordered lives. Whereas in fact, it can be a tool for growth and transformation: a form of imbalance which, by provoking a state of discomfort, invites us to change some of the conditions of our existence in order to return to full health. Illness, then, can also be seen as a message to be heeded and understood, a positive signal.
Concealing or repressing physical symptoms, which is what functional medicine and pharmacology tend to do, simply aggravates the unconscious issues. To be able to heal fully, we need to be able to associate the symptom with the affected organ and understand its deeper meaning, leading us to a heightened awareness in our life.

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