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The state of our skin speaks volumes about our psychological state

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Psicosomatica della pelle

The state of our skin speaks volumes about our psychological state. Traumas, painful memories, alterations in our internal equilibrium and wellbeing all translate immediately into specific pathologies. To put it simply, in the eyes of a specialist, our skin tells the story of our past. From the first, crucial insights of Anzieu a few decades ago, psychosomatics has now become a science and the skin is one of its key areas of observation and research.
The book is a journey through the various pathologies of the skin, analyzed in the light of the latest discoveries of psychosomatics. This is the starting point for a revolutionary new therapy: not just cures and superficial treatments, but the chance to transform skin pathologies into a tool for understanding ourselves better, in order to regain the essential balance between body and psyche. In other words, to learn to heal and feel better.

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