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Happy and unhappy

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Felici e scontenti

This book takes a highly original approach to analyzing the dynamics of couples and families, seeking to understand why being financially well off does not reduce psychological problems, and sometimes even exacerbates them. The underlying idea is that in the kind of relationship established by a couple and between parents and children, it is possible to identify functional and dysfunctional dynamics that may be passed down from generation to generation. Dysfunctional dynamics can potentially give rise to numerous pathologies.
The book is divided into two parts:
– the first deals with the problem of dynamics influencing both the evolution and equilibrium of the couple and the growth of their children. In particular, the function of psychosomatic symptoms is analyzed: how they appear and how they keep a couple’s relationship alive.
– the second part considers level of affluence as a determining factor in problems linked to the development of narcissistic tendencies in children and the generation of specific pathologies.

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