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All work and family

Anna Zanardi, Denis Torri, Sergio Maria Battaglia_Milano_Tecniche Nuove 2013_332 pages_euro 19.90

tutto lavoro e famiglia

This book is aimed at the many professional workers, lawyers, accountants and company consultants who have the responsibility of having to manage interpersonal problems in a company on a family level and who are aware of the situational difficulties this can create. Making use of the information contained in this book could help towards the final satisfaction of having contributed, perhaps also in a significant way, to the success of the family company and the wellbeing of the family itself. Amongst the various tools described, in first place is the Trust, a typically Anglo Saxon institute to safeguard family patrimony that has only recently been employed in Italy. There is also an excursus on the use of family capital in the light of new laws against money laundering, not-to-be-missed.

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