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My thinking comes from my journey. Through study, meetings, cultures.

I have translated it into words, distilled by time.
Complexity is the root, the starting point, the source.
Openness is feeling, sincerity, recognition.
Generation is the means, strength, centring.
Soul is energy, driving force, change.
System is relating, connection, approach.
Evolution is creativeness, rigour, moulding.
Universe is balance, measure, vision.

These words guide me in my professional, clinical, consultancy and teaching practice. And in building the person I have become.

They form the character of my action. Centred on the person, orientated towards systemic change, measured in evolutionary results.

They write the destiny of the relational universe they enrich.

Professional Membership and qualifications
• APA – American Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists
• ATME – Ticino Mediation Association
• ATP – Ticino Association of Psychologists
• CCE – Board Certified Coach Certification
• CNOP – Italian Register of Psychologists
• CTU – Milan Court Register of Consultants
• EAP – European Association for Psychotherapy
• ECP – European Certificate of Psychotherapy
• F.A.I.P. – Italian Register of Counselor, Counselor Trainer
• FSP – Swiss Federation of Psychologists and Psychotherapists
• IDP-C – INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance
• POLig – Liguria Register of Psychologists
• SDM – Swiss Mediation Federation
• Slovenian Register of Psychologists
• Lombardy Register of Journalists
• WCP – World Council for Psychotherapy
• Anna Zanardi offers since 1989 a service in accordance with ethical principles stated in the IOA-International Ombuds Association to the Corporations who need to assure Neutrality, Independence and Confidentiality to prevent or reconcile or mediate conflicts.
She is certificate member of USOA-United States Ombudsman Association.


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