claude levi strauss

Time. Task. Thinking.

There are moments when time is the chief variable. To understand and analyse – swiftly, in-depth, and structurally – the processes that risk compromising the identity, effectiveness and operations of a company, brand or Executive.

Which is why T-asking was created, delivering the support of a multidisciplinary task force of top professionals coordinated and led by Anna Zanardi. With the aim of providing the qualitative and quantitative measurement and mapping of dysfunctional nodes on site. Through a deep analysis of strategic factors that range from leadership, alignment, reputation and positioning to brand communication.

Listening, diagnosis and the mapping of crisis factors are performed by these professionals adopting a teamwork approach that includes the structured involvement of the client, following a brief but intense process that leads to the drafting of a T-asking Report that sets out lines of action for immediate implementation.

T-asking can deliver immediate tangible results across a broad spectrum of process areas, including change-management, conflict-management, decision-making, stakeholder and shareholder-focused reputational damage-management, communication misalignment correction, and health and social performance.

When required, the team that performed the deep analysis can continue to support the client through the subsequent build phases in which the guidelines set out in the T-asking Report are implemented, providing all or some of the competencies required.



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