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The courage to be stupid

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The courage to be stupid

Starting from an observation on the present social crisis, the author highlights how bright minds, prepared to dominate complex situations, have been unable to react efficiently, and she suggests to review the concepts of “stupidity” and “intelligence”. If the definition of “stupid” is not limited to the opposite meaning of “intelligent”, rather considering it as a complementary and even smart and innovative concept, then we can maybe give a new sense to the current situation.
In order to build the organizations of the future, we will need new competencies and new managerial and leadership characteristics. Can “stupidity” be considered as a precious resource as well? And what is courage, if not the skill which allows to overcome logics and models proved to be completely obsolete, therefore inadequate? The books is an attempt to provide answers to these questions, suggesting work hypothesis aimed at imagining a different world (in its fundamentals and ethics) as opposed to the “intelligent” one, blown up within the self-destructive delirium we are still experiencing.
The book by Anna Zanardi opens with the ’“Praise of stupidity”, written by Renzo Rosso, founder and owner of Diesel, the Italian fashion brand which nowadays boasts dealers all over the world: in the spring of 2010 Diesel started a vast advertising campaign based on the motto “Be Stupid”, which just corroborates the contents exposed in this book.

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