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self-motivation, we must first learn to grow internally

Anna Zanardi_Milano_Franco Angeli 2002_112 pages_euro 13.00


What is that allows someone to move up a gear in life? By reading this book, you will discover that the real key to change and professional growth is not external, but something that each of us must find within ourselves. This key is called self-motivation, and in order to successfully grow externally, we must first learn to grow internally.
The author not only illustrates, clearly and simply, the full range of self- motivation techniques, she also provides tangible help in bringing out the personal and professional qualities that will enable you to obtain more effective results from yourself, your family and your colleagues. In the book you will find all the exercises and methods required to develop analytical ability, self-esteem, emotional equilibrium and psychophysical wellbeing, first in yourself and then in those around you. And it contains lots more besides.

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