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Mummy’s boy, daddy’s girl

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cocchi di mamma cocche di paà

Certain epithets used within the relationship with one’s mother or father may sound like tender playful words, but employing such terminology actually depicts a sociological phenomenon, a well-known reality to be found in many families. What is often ignored is that mommy’s sons and father’s daughters are very definite psychological and behavioural categories, consequent to an unbalanced education which may be defined as “the dearest son’s misfortune”.
The privileged relationship with the progenitor of the opposite sex, beyond any commonplace and relatively funny joke can, in fact, cause even serious disorders in someone’s personality and character.
Thanks to her long experience in systemic familiar therapy, the author suggests a revolutionary method of diagnosis and self-observation. The awareness of a psychological picture going back to childhood is just the beginning. The book clearly explains the steps to complete to “get back on the right track” in the correct order between parents and children, to be able to follow the path of life in total and complete autonomy.

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