Writing is a special moment for me. It’s when I get to harvest the fruit of my work and plan new areas for research. I write for newspapers and periodicals in Italy and worldwide. And I have published over 20 works, translated into a variety of languages.

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Mind, Brain and Respiration

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Mente, cervello e respiro

Mind, Brain and Respiration is a short guide for all those who work with people. It invites its readers to explore a new scientific standpoint in the West that supports the importance of conscious breathing. It is a long and well-established practice in the East that dates back to ancient times, a key factor of change and a catalyst of profound understanding and transformation. The practice of conscious breathing has accompanied its authors for such a long time, both in their personal and professional lives, that it has become an integral part and invaluable aid in their individual and group therapy. Through this book the authors aim to shed light on the importance of cultivating a state of attention that is both alert and relaxed, also known as the state of Presence, and to demonstrate how, from such a state, we are guaranteed new understanding, accelerating our creative and healing processes.

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